Adult Education

The Adult Education Forum is open to all, to inform and offer a wide variety of topics such as bible studies, social ministries, lecture series, book clubs, holiday traditions, health care topics, and issues within our own church and community. 

All are invited and encouraged to attend. Generally, the meetings follow this pattern:

Books and Bites - 1st Sunday of the Month

Conversation with the Rector - 2nd Sunday of the Month

Wardens' Forum - 3rd Sunday of the Month

Ministry of the Month - 4th Sunday of the Month

Treasurer's Forum - 4th Sunday of the Month quarterly

Common Ground Series

This speaker series addresses current events and how they impact the world.

On Sunday, May 5 at 12 Noon, Calvary Church will host an open public forum "Common Ground -- Climate Change and Energy Conservation" by Walter F. Simpson, former University Energy Officer for SUNY-Buffalo and Director of the UB Green Office.

Information about Mr. Simpson and his work may be found on the following websites:

Books & Bites

First Sunday of the Month during Program Year, 

9:00 am

Books & Bites provides a forum for people to discuss a book that they have read together. They meet on the first Sunday of the month during the Rector's forum 9-9:30 am on Sunday mornings during the program year. 

Although some of the discussion time is book specific, questions that address broader themes provide an entry point for participation by those who were simply curious or who had been unable to read that month’s book selection.

Our 2018-2019 reading list may be downloaded here

Good Grief

Good Grief is a support group for anyone who is having difficulty with a loss. It may be a pet, a divorce, or death of a loved one...whatever a person is suffering, he or she is free to share hurt with a group willing to listen. Or listen to the stories of others. It all can help. People of any - or no - denomination are welcome.

Good Grief usually meets the last Saturday of the month (except November and December) at 9:30 am. More about specific meeting dates here.

Harmony Fitness

Calvary hosts a revitalized wellness program. 

Certified Personal Trainer Jonathan Sandberg teaches both group exercise classes and private fitness instruction. 

For more information please visit Harmony's website at