Calvary's Music

Many members of Calvary feel that music is an integral part of worship. Although music is not part of every service at Calvary, fine music and singing are important parts of our identity.

  • The Calvary Choir

    The Calvary Choirs are open to people of all ages and levels of experience with tuneful voices who can make the time commitment to participate. You need not be a Calvary member or even an Episcopalian to join. For more information on our choral program, please contact the church office.

  • The Kryder Organ

    The pipe organ was the gift of the Wesley Dudley family, build by the Schlicker Organ Co. of Buffalo, NY in 1970. The family further provided the antiphonal organ at the rear of the nave, and they established the Edward H. Kryder Fund for instrument maintenance. The organ has 44 stops, comprising a total of 53 ranks, totaling over 3,000 pipes ranging in size from 3/4 of an inch to 32 feet. The wooden housing for the antiphonal organ was designed and carved by David Miller in 1990.

  • The Niederlander Carillon

    One of only 178 carillons in North America, the Niederlander Carillon is the only authentic carillon in Western New York. Initially it was a chime of 15 bells, gifted in 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Niederlander. In 1966, Mrs. Niederlander commemorated her late husband with a donation of 22 more bells. In 1995, seven more bells were added by generous donors, creating a 44-bell carillon. The original 37 bells were cast by the Van Bergen bell foundry in Heiligerlee, The Netherlands. The seven bells added in 1995 were cast by the Petit and Fritsen foundry of Aarle-Rixtel, The Netherlands. In 1996, replacements for the high A and C bells were cast by Meeks, Watson & Co. of Georgetown, Ohio.