• Good Grief

    May 25, 9:30 am

    Good Grief is a support group for anyone who is having difficulty with a loss. It may be a pet, a divorce, or death of a loved one...whatever it is you are suffering, feel free to bring yourself and share, if you wish, your hurt with a group willing to listen. Or listen to the stories of others. It all can help. People of any - or no - denomination are welcome. In fact, all are welcome. 

    Next meeting dates: June 29, July 27

  • Books & Bites

    June 2, 9:00 am

    Books & Bites provides a forum for people to discuss a book that they have read together. Although some of the discussion is book specific, questions that address broader themes provide an entry point for participation by everyone. All are welcome!

    The book selection for June is Country Girl by Edna O'Brien. This memoir is written by one of Ireland's most esteemed writers who has been a champion of women's autonomy and an evocative re-creator of times gone by. Her early works were banned, burned and denounced upon publication.

  • Carillon Concert Series

    July 10, 7:00 pm

           Carillonneur Carl Van Eyndhoven

           Irish & Scottish Music: Penny Whiskey

    July 24, 7:00 pm

           Carillonneur Margaret Pan

           Bagpipes +: The Celtic Spirit Pipe Band

    July 31, 7:00 pm

           Carillonneur Geert D'Hollander

           Barbershop: Crescendo

    August 7, 7:00 pm

           Carillonneur Gordon Slater

           Jazz: The Les Davis Jazz Quartet

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