It’s easy to join Calvary!

If you have been baptized in any Christian church, then we can add you to Calvary's membership records. If you haven’t been baptized yet, we would love to discuss that next important step with you.

While church membership is in no way necessary to be a part of the Calvary community, formal membership in a local church signifies for many people a greater sense of belonging, accountability, and opportunity for leadership in the parish. Members commit themselves to give of their time, talents, and treasure to support the work of the church, and after a year of membership they are eligible to vote in parish elections.

Membership is a wonderful step on a lifelong path of growth toward spiritual maturity. Calvary offers many types of worship services, small groups, educational discussions, and community service opportunities to support you on that path, and Calvary clergy are always ready to discuss with you any part of your journey.

To become a member of Calvary Church, call 716 633-7800 to make an appointment with a priest, the first step to membership.


You may also print and bring this Household Information form, and return it on your appointment, or drop it off at the church office.