Giving Tuesday: November 30, 2021

For decades, Calvary Church's Carillon gave the community beautiful music after worship services and with a summer Carillon Concert series.

Today there is an opportunity for the community to give back.

Listen to the carillon

What is a Carillon?

A carillon comprises 23 or more bells cast in bronze, and is the largest musical instrument in the world. The console contains a double row of small round oak keys and a pedalboard, both arranged in the same pattern as the keys of a piano. The console is located directly beneath the bells. The bells, mounted on a steel framework, do not move but rather are struck by clappers. The clappers are connected to keys and pedals of the console by a mechanical linkage. The carillonneur, seated at the console, uses both fists and feet to activate the clappers. As with a piano, remarkable variations in dynamic expression are possible because the carillonneur can regulate the loudness or softness of the bells by controlling the force with which the batons are depressed.

Calvary's Carillon

Calvary Church’s Niederlander Carillon is the only authentic carillon in Western New York. The original 15 bell chime was a gift of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Niederlander, dedicated on June 21, 1959. In 1966, as a gift from Mrs. Niederlander, the tower was heightened and 22 bells were added in memory of her husband. The addition created a 37 bell, 3 octave fully chromatic instrument. In 1995, through contributions of generous donors, 7 more bells were added, creating a unique 3 ½ octave instrument. Donations to provide for the ongoing maintenance of the instrument may be made to Calvary Church. 

Ensure the Legacy of the Bells

All things age over time and the temperature and moisture fluctuations of our Western New York weather are harsh. The carillon at Calvary is due for major restoration work. 

Every dollar you donate will ensure the legacy of Calvary's carillon for future generations!

Please donate on Giving Tuesday to the Carillon Restoration Fund.