Children & Youth Ministries

Here you can find all the information to register and attend Calvary Children  & Youth Ministries (CYM). Our 2016-17 Calendar of Events is also available for the upcoming year. Look here for updates and news on CYM !

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  • Lent Project: Collecting Recyclables

    The Children and Youth Ministry of Calvary is collecting returnable bottles and cans to raise funds for Episcopal Relief and Development's efforts to build wells and bring clean water to communities in developing countries. The drive ends April 2.

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    9:30 am - 9:45 am Children's Chapel

    9:45 am - 10:30 am Sunday School Classes

    10:30 am Children join their families for the service

    Our Nursery School Program (Infant - 3 years of age) runs from 8:45 - 11:00 am

    Registration Form - Click Here to access Registration Form

    Photo Release Permission Form - Click Here to access Photo Permission Form

    Calendar of CYM Events - Click Here to Print 2016-17 Calendar

    Nursery Kelly Blackey & Kiernan Hayward

    Beginners (Pre-K & K) Dr. Sarah English & Andria McCarthy

    Primary (Grades 1 thru 3) Cinda & Wes Stone

    Intermediate (Grades 4 thru 6) George Mayer

    Junior High Youth (Grades 7 thru 9) Emily Sityar & Christina McCormick

    What do you value most about teaching your particular age group? and what is your greatest Hope ?

    Emily Sityar: It's striking how much change adolescents undergo in grades 7 through 9: their bodies grow and mature, their identities develop as they explore fashion styles and cultural preferences, their world views broaden as they become aware of diverse viewpoints and start questioning everything, and their conscience becomes attuned to what's going on in the world and what they can do about it. Teaching these youths as they come of age has been so rewarding, to witness their encounters with lessons about God and to encourage them to voice their questions concerns and beliefs. I hope that the belief in God's love and the experience of a caring church community will stay with our children to guide and support them throughout their lives.

    Pat Zebrowski: I have been the teacher handling the Children's Chapel for a number of years. There is always a challenge taking Scripture, not understood by many adults, yet trying to make it understandable to very young children. I enjoy seeing the smiles and finding that the lesson had been understood. I pray that as our children grow and mature that they find these lessons valuable to help with life's challenges...that they hold Christ's teachings close to their hearts, practicing these values with each new step they take.

    Cinda and Wes Stone: We teach the Primary Sunday school class, 1st through 3rd grade. The students are at an age where they love hands-on projects, arts and crafts. We talk about our topic with a story around our 'campfire' then move to the tables to get creative and continue talking about the day's lesson. We strive for a fun and engaging classroom. We want our students to look forward to Sunday school. We hope that they feel safe and welcome here and know that they are an important part of our church community .

    George Mayer: What a great joy there is in teaching the Intermediate Sunday school class of 4th, 5th and 6th graders. There is an openness, a curiosity, and a willingness to share, to ask, to learn, to care. Jesus loved and blessed children. We are told that unless we become like children, we cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Thankfully, these children are teaching me what it means to be child-like. The best way for us to know what God is like is to know what Jesus is like. We do this by reading God's Living Word, the Bible. Our goal is to be able to find the Book Chapter, and Verse(s) of the bible easily and confidently. This will help us to grow in our knowledge and love of God, and of His Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    Sarah English: I value the time spent with our youngest members of the church. I feel blessed that I am able to help bring the world of the church to these children in a positive manner. My greatest hope is that the children will look back at their time with me as one filled with happiness and excitement. I still have very positive memories of my experience in Sunday School. It is such a foundation that leads to a future commitment to the church and a sense of belonging.

    Special Events: Carl & Pat Zebrowski

    Acolytes & Youth Services: Doug Sandburg II

    Children's Music: Ellie Yuhasz & Carol Mayo

    Intern: Candi Donovan


    Dear Parents:

    We are looking forward to the beginning of Sunday School on September 11th, and your child’s teacher will be in touch with you before then. Meanwhile, enclosed please find the materials that will help all of us plan for September:

     Registration Form - click Here to access Registration Form

     Photo Release Permission Form - Click Here to access Photo Permission Form

     Calendar of CYM Events - Click Here to Print 2016  Calendar

    It is our goal to make the registration of your children an easy one this year. You now have four options for returning the completed forms:   

    • Return the registration forms by email

    • Return the forms by mail

    • Drop off the forms at the church or bring them with you on September 11th.

    Our schedule has changed slightly this year in order to build community among our children and families:

    All class will begin at 9:30 am in the Children’s Chapel with Mother Judith. Our children and youth will learn to lead worship and they will learn songs that will be part of the 10 am liturgy at the end of the month. 9:45-10:30 – Children and youth will attend their separate classes: At 10:30 they will join their families in the church for Holy Communion. Several times during the year, our 10 am service will be family-oriented, with our youth serving as Lectors and Ushers, and our families serving as Oblation Bearers and Greeters. In addition there will be several special events when all the children participate together instead of being in separate classes.

    Nursery care is provided for children 6 months to 3 years of age. Care is available from 8:45-11:00 every Sunday. Signing in of your child each Sunday and volunteering at least one Sunday per year in the nursery is all that is needed to take advantage of this wonderful service.


    Music, crafts, drama, outreach, bible stories, and family-oriented events make Sunday School at Calvary a special experience for all our children. We realize how quickly your days are filled and we hope that you will make involvement in Calvary a priority for your family

    This year we will send a monthly e-newsletter to all families outlining the lessons for the coming month, announcing special events, listing volunteer opportunities for students seeking community service credits, offering a reflection by one of our teachers, suggesting some practices for faith formation at home, and sharing some thoughts from our children.


    On behalf of Children and Youth Ministry, along with our dedicated team of Sunday School teachers, I would like to thank you for your time and support of Calvary’s Sunday School program. Your children are Calvary’s future and our time spent with them each Sunday inspires each and every one of us. We look forward to seeing you in September!

    With great appreciation,

    The Rev. Judith Lee

    Interim Rector